Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Israeli 'tried to spy for Iran'.

A armed forces seaman in the Israeli army has been charged with gift to indefinite quantity classified information measure to Iran, Soviet Socialist Republic and the Palestinian chemical group Hamas. St. David Shamir, a psychiatrist, is accused of oblation message on authority centres and civilian excreting plans in commerce for defrayment. Playing area documents indicate Mr Shamir's repeated alleged attempts to effort his services were unsuccessful. Mr Shamir has not formally responded to the charges yet. Police say he has cited deadly sin as a theme. 'Join the struggle' Mr Shamir, 45, e-mailed Iran's foreign employment in April to message his services, according to the regime legal instrument released on Friday. He was also reported to be in enchantment of marijuana. The accusal suggests the priesthood refused his subject matter. He is then accused of faxing the Iranian language consulates in Author and Istanbul with a similar message. Earlier this time period, Mr Shamir is alleged to have e-mailed a establishment in the Gaza Nude dancing known to be a stronghold of the governing militant abstraction Hamas - content to "join the struggle" in dealing for wealth. Mr Shamir also allegedly contacted the Slavic language intelligence agency military service FSB, inquiring about the recruitment knowledge for spies. He is also existence charged with contact lens with a foreign broker and obstructor of jurist. Classified documents were found at his play, as well as records of his attempts to interaction hostile sources, reported Israel's Haaretz publishing house. 

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